Premium Coffin Slimline Flightcase 165cm-204cm

Contain ANY turntable, cd player, effects unit, rackmount gear & any electronic gear inside one EASY slimline case. It's the professional solution at a professional price. Free panel color choices, best quality components & premium polyether
foam sidewalls

Which sized case? Work out your INTERNAL width + depth + height totalled in CENTIMETERS = LCM lineal centimeters, and match up with the digits in our case code. This page-product is for LCM 165 to 204 lineal centimeters. Simply measure all your gear together as you'd like it in the case [see "Measure Your Gear" below]

Add popular options like heavy duty wheels,
dividers, covers, compartments, racking, legs,
logos. After ordering, send
your sketch and dimensions along with your name,
we'll confirm with a drawing before we make it!

Case Code -

What customers have designed
Live-In Lid Legs option
Dividers to make compartments option
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Slipin Ports option
Rackmount Partition option

Measure Your Gear
Zone Rates
Premium Coffin Slimline Flightcase 165cm-204cm

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   BC-DJ-COFFIN-170 165cm - 174cm ($1,040.00)
   BC-DJ-COFFIN-180 175cm - 184cm ($1,120.00)
   BC-DJ-COFFIN-190 185cm - 194cm ($1,165.00)
   BC-DJ-COFFIN-200 195cm - 204cm ($1,235.00)

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