Tilt and Roll Series by Blue Cat - CLEAR OUT SALE!


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Blue Cat Tilt & Roll Series are premium heavy duty transit cases with a perfect "do it yourself" internal fit out with the supplied 24 foam blocks and patented Width Adjustable Partition (WAP).

:: 11 sized models, 9 with wheels
:: Padlockable and ATA300 Air/Cargo compliant
:: Real Wheels (75mm, high tensile axle, set in metal housing)
:: XPE Polyethylene foam, NOT cheap "pearl" or sponge/tomato box foam
:: includes 24 pieces foam blocks in varying thickness & an adjustable partition

IDEAL for temporarily OR permanently positioning ANY gear inside.

Details - Penn Elcom latches/handles/corners/wheels/ABS panel. 6mm x 5 ply top/bottom, 9mm side panels. XPE foam all internal sides and additional PU convoluted foam top to capture differing heights of gear. Handles each end of case on every model and 1 or 2 along latch face depending on model. Full thick piano hinging & lid stops. Ball corners.

For bulk orders and/or custom fit out assistance email sales@cases.com.au or
phone 1300 85 46201300 85 4620 [Australia] or ++ 61(0)7 3889 7
755 [International]

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  Internal mm External mm Wheels Kg*
BC-TR100 645x295x110 735x385x175 N 9.2
BC-TR200 845x355x110 935x445x175 N 12.1
BC-TR300 1015x295x120 1125x385x215 Y 13.9
BC-TR400 1015x375x120 1125x465x215 Y 15.1
BC-TR500 1025x415x160 1135x505x255 Y 16.4
BC-TR600 1115x330x120 1220x420x215 Y 15.6
BC-TR700 1215x415x165 1325x505x260 Y 17.9
BC-TR800 1295x355x120 1405x445x215 Y 17.9
BC-TR900 1345x395x150 1455x485x245 Y 19.8
BC-TR1000 1445x395x150 1555x485x245 Y 21.0
BC-TR1100 1495x505x180 1605x595x275 Y 21.8


* May vary marginally due to varying weights of panels & foam
Weights INCLUDE the WAP (Width Adjustable Partition) & foam
External dimensions & weight do not include carton.

Branding and Imaging
Internal Shaped Foam Cutouts
Colour Choices for Large Orders

Tilt and Roll Series by Blue Cat - CLEAR OUT SALE!
      11 sizes  WAP = width adjustable partition  even with half a brain it'll take less than a minute!  real HEAVY DUTY wheels unlike most multifit cases with plastic rollers that bend the aluminium    it's NOT just the ABS that matters, its the 5 ply  

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TR-Series Model (select)  (Required) * :
   TR100 Tilt Roll Case (no wheels) ($250.00)
   TR200 - Tilt Roll Case (no wheels) ($260.00)
   TR300 - Tilt Roll Case (HD wheels) ($315.00)
   TR500 - Tilt Roll Case (HD wheels) ($365.00)
   TR800- Tilt Roll Case (HD wheels) ($390.00)
   TR900 - Tilt Roll Case (HD wheels) ($390.00)
   TR1100 - Tilt Roll Case (HD wheels) ($485.00)


(*) Mandatory Option