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Laptop, I.T., Server

5 sizes. All padlockable and foam lined with waterproof EVA foam. Very light to carry (3-6 kgs depending on model) with shoulder strap included. Recommended for repetitive transporting and heavy duty applications. Bulk discounts available. Custom sizes available ..
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Easy. Just place your PROJECTOR and accessories all together the way you'd like them in the case. THEN MEASURE THEM as though they're one unit/item! This form will add the total width, total depth and height. JUST MATCHUP the "LCM" (lineal centimeters) below as you answer questions! PREMIUM SERIE..
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Mobile Workstations are upright cases that YOU design either empty (so perhaps you can install interior foams etc) or can be fully configured to include drawers, shelves and other options! HOW to work out your size? Whether you’ve got gear or want 1 or more drawers/shelving space, you simply ..
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Choose either PREMIUM TRANSIT CASE by Blue Cat or FEATHERLITE WELDED ALUMINIUM CASE by Samuelson. Either are 100% custom to your required/precise INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (write them in now or follow up email after ordering), and available as a HINGED LID or REMOVEABLE LID...
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Click "SHOW MORE" and use to easily calculate w+d+h of your console!If you've got more than one piece of gear, just measure them togetheras though they are one unit. Easy! PREMIUM SERIES Internal : 15mm high density EVA/PE foam (no cheap pearl or sponge foams) External : Penn Elcom (genuine)rec..
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