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About Us

Cases Com Au started in 2003 as Blue Cat Case a garage in Brisbane, Australia. Within 5 years we became the largest case manufacturer in Australia thanks to our low flat-rate prices, substantial increase in quality over competitors and quick delivery times.

In 2005 we started "Go Case" to combat agents and distributors selling junk-cases in Australia/New Zealand. Go Case are actually designed by Blue Cat and typically use the same techniques to make them an honest heavy duty product. By 2012, Go Case is the largest importer of professional level packing, brief cases and rackmount cases in Australia/NZ!

In 2008 we add "Pace" to our imported lines with low cost "aluminium" (laminated, actually plywood based) in a variety of sizes. The intended market for Pace is simple...."must be lightweight" as we recognised some markets don't need super-strength and lighweight is paramount!

In 2013 we added Treka Cases as an alternative to Pelican Cases and by 2016 we became the 2nd largest importer of plastic molded cases in Australia but we're tapping the Pelicans tail!

In 2016 we acquired Samuelson Cases who have a LONG HISTORY starting in UK 1073 under the enormous Samuelson Group who were the kings of the Broadcast/Recording/TV rental/sales and production. The amazing thing is that the Samuelson Case made in 2019-2020 is still almost identical to the 1973 version....but now we offer different coloured corners and advanced foam that just wasn't available in 1973. Samuelson Cases are one of the oldest case companies in the world still trading and we take great pride and honour with our alignment with Samuelson Group. Cheers Sir Sydney Samuelson (google him, he's real!).

In 2020 we are expanding GO CASE range significantly from December with over 16 new products.