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-50 %
Originally built for 3 monitor/tv’s. Was not picked up by customer (sad, common story in Audio industry!). Has a removeable lid and currently has foam lining (dimensions in the photo). NOTE currently the case has 3 channels (slots) originally for 32" TV panels, we can strip the foam compl..
from AU$770.00 from AU$1,550.00
Ex Tax:from AU$700.00
C6266 - 1 only! C6266 - 1 only!
-69 %
Really big, doesn't look like it but dimensions in the photos. Will suit artframes/posters, big flat-ish objects. Super heavy duty yet mobile with it's commercial grade trolley wheels!  NO FOAM : currently INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 1260 x 1000 x 150mm (as per price above) WITH FOAM : (We can..
from AU$499.00 from AU$1,599.00
Ex Tax:from AU$453.64
C6301 Front-Rear lidded Case C6301 Front-Rear lidded Case
-58 %
Front/rear removeable lids lift off to potentially display your item in the case with visual/physical access to front and rear. Not the right dimensions, we may be able to modify it IF not-one-dimension of your gear exceeds 740x222x300mm (300 is the height)) and we won't charge much for that (ty..
from AU$499.00 from AU$1,199.00
Ex Tax:from AU$453.64
C6304 Front Lid Cases C6304 Front Lid Cases
-54 %
Mini-wardrobe case with foam lining. The padlockable lid opens to reveal foam lined space. Heavy duty air compliant flight case that includes 4 x Resilex Wheels (2 with brakes), 2 handles each side so will suit heavy to very heavy objects. Was $1299 now $599 DIMENSIONS(mm): External: 575 x 850 x 7..
from AU$599.00 from AU$1,299.00
Ex Tax:from AU$544.55
C6305 Removeable Lid Case with storage box C6305 Removeable Lid Case with storage box
-55 %
Not picked up by customer (due to lockdown) A flight case for a Large Projector but could be anything AND we may be able to modify the case to suit (ask us before buying!). Dimensions in the photo, the space above the storage box on the floor is 860 x 720 x 440mm and the inside of the storage box i..
from AU$999.00 from AU$2,199.00
Ex Tax:from AU$908.18
C6306 Slim Removeable Lid Case C6306 Slim Removeable Lid Case
-50 %
Full flight case with removeable lid. High density foam all 4 sides plus softer foam to pad vibration top and bottom. Handle each end of case, 4 x padlockable latches. Heavy duty and bargain priced. Not picked up by customer due to lockdowns.   DIMENSIONS ARE WRONG IN PHOTOS. They are (ch..
from AU$399.00 from AU$799.00
Ex Tax:from AU$362.73
C6311 Rackmount Mixer/Console Case C6311 Rackmount Mixer/Console Case
-48 %
Here's a rare RACKMOUNT MIXER Case made for a solo-artist that cancelled during those friggin' lockdowns. It's got about 2 years of pure-shelf life built into it with slightly tarnished hardwares else it's new-ish and bargain priced. It's got 8u racking (just under 360mm) and th..
from AU$299.00 from AU$575.00
Ex Tax:from AU$271.82
C6312 FLAT TV CASE Prototype C6312 FLAT TV CASE Prototype
-54 %
This was made as a prototype case with the goal for the distributor as "as low cost as possible but needs to protect TV during transit shipments to/from customers". Made from 12mm HEXAPANEL, it's got trolley wheels and INTERNAL DIMENSIONS to suit 975 x 538 x 120mm, so if you have a TV ..
from AU$275.00 from AU$599.00
Ex Tax:from AU$250.00
C6312 Tall Medium sized TROLLEY CASE C6312 Tall Medium sized TROLLEY CASE
-60 %
We might be able to make this RIGHT FOR YOUR PRODUCT/GEAR. Internal size currently 664 x 360 x 500mm w/d/h. Whilst we offer an option to strip the internals for other foam lining (as below) this case was made for 2 x Monitors (we photo) in the lower layer of the case then a false floor then 2 round ..
from AU$599.00 from AU$1,499.00
Ex Tax:from AU$544.55
C6314 Long John Trolley Case or Keyboard Case C6314 Long John Trolley Case or Keyboard Case
-38 %
Comes with 2 x commercial grade wheels and was made for a synthesiser (portable music keyboard) not picked up during lockdowns. High density foam all internal sides. Padlockable recessed latches. Internal dimensions 833 x 357 x 95mm w/d/h, external 970 x 450 x 185mm, approx 13kgs. Bargain priced, w..
from AU$560.00 from AU$899.00
Ex Tax:from AU$509.09
C6318 Small LIFT OFF LID Case - empty C6318 Small LIFT OFF LID Case - empty
Heavy duty small case with removeable lid. Currently unlined/no foam (see foam option below). Padlockable recessed latches. Internal Dimensions - 597 x 500 x 125mm, External 620 x 530 x 170mm w/d/h. 8.2kgs approx. Foam option - buy then contact to request FOAM UPGRADE. ..
from AU$280.00 from AU$499.00
Ex Tax:from AU$254.55
C6400 Tall Blue Case C6400 Tall Blue Case
-62 %
Super tall foam lined case. Internal dimensions 565 x 405 x 1030mm but note ACTUAL AVAILABLE SPACE (see the foam-photo...we can remove ALL or SOME of the foam to suit your needs, see below) Blue ABS case panels, padlockable latches, 4 x commercial grade 100mm Blue Resilex Casters, 2 with brakes. ..
from AU$699.00 from AU$1,835.00
Ex Tax:from AU$635.45
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