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C6400 Tall Blue Case C6400 Tall Blue Case
-62 %
Super tall foam lined case. Internal dimensions 565 x 405 x 1030mm but note ACTUAL AVAILABLE SPACE (see the foam-photo...we can remove ALL or SOME of the foam to suit your needs, see below) Blue ABS case panels, padlockable latches, 4 x commercial grade 100mm Blue Resilex Casters, 2 with brakes. ..
from AU$699.00 from AU$1,835.00
Ex Tax:from AU$635.45
C6401 Trolley Case - Nice! C6401 Trolley Case - Nice!
-59 %
Originally made for a Projector, we may be able to alter the internals to suit your needs (extra cost but we're fast and efficient!). Blue ABS case panels, padlockable and come with 2 x Commercial grade wheels and 1 heavy duty extension handle...the case becomes a trolley! Current internal dime..
from AU$570.00 from AU$1,399.00
Ex Tax:from AU$518.18
C6403 Tall foam lined case C6403 Tall foam lined case
-61 %
Tall foam lined case. If the existing rubber blocks don't suit then see below for options! Padlockable, ATA CAT-300 Clause 1 and 11 Compliant transit case. 4 x 100mm Casters, 2 with brakes (commercial grade). Internal dimensions 510 x 460 x 700mm, approx 27kgs. External dimensions 570 x 520 x 8..
from AU$599.00 from AU$1,550.00
Ex Tax:from AU$544.55
C6404 Medium Large Lift off Lid case C6404 Medium Large Lift off Lid case
-62 %
Medium Large foam lined case with internal dimensions of 613 x 602 x 275mm w/d/h. You'll see rubber blocks in the case, see options below to remove them etc. Padlockable recessed latches, lift off lid format. May suit Projectors, Audio Mixing Consoles, Large objects that need access from some/al..
from AU$599.00 from AU$1,565.00
Ex Tax:from AU$544.55
C6408 C6408
-55 %
Nice case not picked up by customer because of lockdowns. 2 commercial grade wheels keep you rolling for years in this padlockable transit case. Full foam lining and fitted out currently for Projector but we offer further options as below. Internal dimensions 505 x 550 x 130mm height above blocks a..
from AU$585.00 from AU$1,299.00
Ex Tax:from AU$531.82
C6409 Samuelson WELDED Pilot C6409 Samuelson WELDED Pilot
-20 %
Shop Demo Circa 2015-2020 style. This is an UNLINED welded aluminium plate (rigidized texture) with padlockable recessed latches. FEATHERLIGHT at 5.5kgs. We can offer lining choices as below. Internal Dimensions (Unlined price as above) 585 x 245 x 265mm w/d/h. External 620 x 260 x 270mm Need foam..
from AU$399.00 from AU$499.00
Ex Tax:from AU$362.73
C6411 Long-ish Utility Trolley Case C6411 Long-ish Utility Trolley Case
-62 %
Not picked up by customer during lockdowns, here's a deal! Originally made for 2 poles with (professional stage) lights attached to the poles, you'll see the pole cradles each end in the photos. The rest of the case is unlined except for 2 rubber blocks in the lid. Recessed padlockable latc..
from AU$499.00 from AU$1,299.00
Ex Tax:from AU$453.64
C6506 Computer Monitor/Small TV Case C6506 Computer Monitor/Small TV Case
-100 %
Originally made for a computer monitor with laptop storage cavity and will hold more than enough cables/peripherals. We CAN ALTER this case to suit your requirements at a fair cost. Padlockable recessed latches, high density foam. Internal dimensions for the monitor compartment 822 x 132 x 630mm w..
from AU$599.00 from AU$0.00
Ex Tax:from AU$544.55
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